Plagiarism Finder Extended

Plagiarism Finder Extended

Most downloaded version of the application to search for plagiarism in the text.

Search for plagiarism in the text.

Checking files in various formats (Doc, Docx, RTF, PDF, TXT)

Checking the web pages

Highlighting of plagiarism in the text (fragments, whereby matches in various sources were found)

Capability to choose in what sources search of plagiarism will be carried out, as well as with the use of what Search Engine

Capability to search for plagiarism in Google Books and Google Scholar

Capability to save the report

Utilizing the specialized resources, such as Google Books, Google Schoolar and NBridge PlagiDB (constantly updated database of materials), in the extended version of Plagiarism Finder improves search efficiency and significantly broadens the implementation area of the application. Multithreaded verification reduces the search time and hence saves your time.

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Plagiarism Finder Extended


Plagiarism Finder Extended

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